About Us

logo-tight marginGrowth in the Spirit

For the Episcopal church at St. Simon & St. Jude (SSSJ), we have had an epiphany: spiritual development and growth are active verbs. Spiritual development is a matter of personal responsibility combined with relationship building and a kinetic commitment to spiritual searching and transcendence.
We grow as we stretch our boundaries, reaching for truths and insights beyond what parents, catechisms, or sermons may teach us. We acknowledge that learning in the spiritual realm of our being is an open ended proposition, perhaps extending beyond our days, and we embrace this possibility.
We continuously explore ways to promote both relationship and spiritual searching and thus, development.
This website is only a snapshot of  the many spiritual growth opportunities available to all who seek them, both SSSJ members and non-SSSJ members; St. Simon and St. Jude is a place a place available to anyone who is interested in spiritual growth, well being, and connection to the Divine, the Infinite, and the Love Almighty. Take a breath. One, two, three, four . . . again . . . and Amen.