Spiritual Growth

What do we mean by spiritual growth?

A lawyer approached Jesus, putting him to the test with this question: “Which is the greatest commandment?” Jesus’ response was simple, if not easy. He said it was about loving God (with all your heart and soul and mind) and loving our neighbor as ourselves.

This singular emphasis on love of God and neighbor provides the foundation for everything we do at St. Simon & St. Jude, where we define spiritual growth as deepening our love of God and neighbor in our lives, in the ministries we're engaged in, and in the lives of the individuals we serve through those ministries.

Add love of the world God has made and love of self, then we begin to see a way to understand spiritual growth. Spiritual growth becomes a matter of taking the steps needed to deepen our relationship with God, with neighbor, with the world, and with ourselves.

Spiritual growth is a journey. It is a journey that is as unique as God made each one of us. At St. Simon & St. Jude we embrace our uniqueness and invite you to grow spiritually with us.