Growing in Love and Discipleship

Spiritual formation is a journey begins with baptism and continues throughout our lives. Our goal is to become mature disciples of Jesus Christ.

SSSJ Faith@Home

Families today come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of time commitments, pressures, and intergenerational dynamics. No one size fits all.  SSSJ Faith@Home is an intergenerational class where parents, grandparents and children all explore the main bible story for the week together. Through story telling, video and activities we get people talking about their faith within their own households. Our goal is to get people talking about who Jesus Christ is and how God is at work in our lives anytime, anywhere, with anybody.  ALL are welcome – young and old, singles and marrieds, children, friends, parents and grandparents.

Busy families on the go may also access the weekly lessons and activities through our Faith@Home website.